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Balancing Toner (All Skin Types)

Helps to balance the skin after the cleansing process. Balancing toner acts as astringent to contract pores. It also prevents skin from creating excess oil, and helps the skin to become less acidic (similar to the skin) to maintain the natural pH of the skin. Balancing toner normalizes the cell production resulting in removal of dead cell. The skin will be more elastic, with healthy glow. These conditions are possible through using extracts from cucumber, grapefruit, oat, and fruit acid.


Neutralizes the pH balance of the skin

  By eliminating the dead cells, skin has normal cell turn over with elasticity, and healthy glow

Astringent contract smaller pores, and helps to lessen excessive oil

Balancing Toner
Witch Vera Gel, Aloe Vera Gel
8 fl oz / 240 ml