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1. Launching Vita-C Serum!
  Dr. J SkinClinic has recently launched Vita-C Serum series formulated with highly concentrated L-Ascorbic acid. Highly concentrated Vita-C Serum improves skin with more effectiveness and product itself has more stability. We have been getting some really great feedbacks from skin professionals and dermatologists with Vita-C Serums. These Vita-C Serum series mainly act as an antioxidant to neutralize oxygen free radicals, but it has been approved to improve skin from aging process such as wrinkle, dry, age spot, discoloration, and etc. Vita-C Serum is very effective as a healing agent for damaged and weak skin after laser surgery, dermabrasion and chemical peeling. There are four different products for different skin types.
Vita-C Serum 20 for Professionals only
Vita-C Serum 15 for All Skin Types
Vita-C Serum 10 for Sensitive Skin
Vita-C Eye Gel
2. 2-Step Skin System
  More than any other time, today everybody is trying to save time and demand more speed in everything we do. Quick and Simple was what motivated us to formulate the 2-Step Skin System at Dr.J SkinClinic. The 2-Step Skin System allows those with busier schedule than some of us to get all the protection and the nutrients the skin demands. With 2-Step Skin System, you can save time, and still have healthy skin to enjoy. If you prefer to be quick and simple when taking care of your skin, please try our solution. Consult your skin care professional and get recommendations before choosing to purchase your 2-Step Skin System.