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The most outer layer of the skin, the lipids can easily be damaged from UV, outside irritations, and from aging process. The damaged lipids will result in dry skin, loss of elasticity, and loses healthy glow in the skin. Damaged lipid also leads to thinner and weaker skin barrier making skin less immune to skin diseases. Highly concentrated ceramide, cholesterol, andfatty acid (natural skin lipid components) were used to restore the damaged lipid. These ingredients combined with encapsulated Tocopherol and CoenzymeQ-10, and hydrophobic type of antioxidant will prevent the oxidation of the lipid to accelerate treatment and recovery of the damaged skin.

  Recovers the damaged lipid from UV, and aging process
  The highly concentrated skin lipids help to heal the weak lipids
  Prevents oxidation of lipids, and blocks to restore any damages in lipids with encapsulated Tocopherol, and CoenzymeQ-10