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The Science update at Dr.J SkinClinic

  Dr. J SkinClinic products are only formulated with knowledge based on skin science and they are produced exclusively for clinics around the world. To develop such products, Dr. J SkinClinic established such research systems below.
  Advanced Skin Research
  For basic research area, we concentrate mainly on healthy skin, which is biological, physiological, and clinical. We study the effects of UV, chemical pollution, heat, etc on skin. Also we study the different skin conditions based on different ethnicity to see the effectiveness based on their skin types. The study results for these different areas helps to determine the main ingredients for our formulas.
  Applied Research and Development
  Based on the ingredients and results from the advanced skin sresearch, we formulate test products to solve the problem skins. When a product is created, we put it through a sensory test, and then we decide on the raw material for a product, effectiveness of the product, and also the safety of the product.
  For all these skin research to process to come through, Dr.J SkinClinic's R&D Center chemists, biologists, engineers, dermatologists, and pharmacists will work together to create the healthiest skin at their best effort and knowledge.