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  S u n c a r e
With all the talk about the environmental pollution, protecting your skin from UV has become a must for healthy skin. In the market today there are two different types of sunscreens, one with inorganic (derived from natural resource) ingredients, and the other with organic (derived from chemical reaction) ingredients. Inorganic ingredients such as TiO2 and ZnO are known to be safe with minimum allergic irritations putting them in first for the future leaders for sunscreens. In the past it was very difficult to create more than SPF level of 30 with these natural ingredients, and was also technically underdeveloped leaving white streaks on skin when applied to skin. Dr. J SkinClinic developed process where these safe ingredient TiO2 is micronized which made it possible to transparent inorganic sun screen agent to achieve sun care product perfectly covering UVA and UVB to reach SPF level of 30 without leaving white streak marks on skin.

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  Showed effectiveness to skin highly allergic to organic (chemical) sun care products
  Micronized TiO2 covering UVA and UVB rays with high SPF level of more than SPF 30
  Leaves no white streak marks