Why do Skincare Professionals Keep Recommending DrJ?

Our Concern for Safety:

Above all, we’re committed to delivering results with the purest and safest ingredients available. We’ve worked very hard to achieve strict compliance and hang onto our USDA Organic certifications as well as registration with the FDA. We never use harmful ingredients such as parabens, phosphates, gluten, synthetic dyes or perfumes, or petroleum-based products. We want to be sure what you’re putting on your skin or your client’s skin is as naturally pure and healthy as it is effective.

The Effectiveness of our Products

Speaking of effectiveness, we strive to ensure our products aren’t just natural, but also work exceptionally well. By keeping on top of the latest scientific advancements and utilizing rigorous testing and clinical studies to keep our products up to date, we are able to provide effective treatments without compromising and using only the purest ingredients.

Where We’re Located

California’s wet, warmer winters and fertile soil make it one of the premier produce regions in the United States for everything from wine grapes to vegetables to flowers. The state’s widely recognized health-conscious attitude means that it’s also a premier spot for organic growers. By keeping our headquarters, laboratory, and production facilities in California, we are able to benefit from the highest quality locally grown raw ingredients.

Our Ecological Awareness

By sourcing our ingredients locally, we also help to minimize our carbon footprint. We also emphasize renewable resources and ecologically conscious practices throughout our manufacturing and testing processes. We want our product to feel wonderful and work effectively, but also for our clients to feel good about their choices, whether using it themselves or recommending it to others.

Our Commitment to Our Standards

Overall, whether it’s in testing, creating new formulations, staying on top of trends, or sourcing the best ingredients, it all boils down to our standards. We strive to deliver the best products at the best possible price. We want you to keep coming back and recommending us to all your clients or friends.

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